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Preventing Costly Roof Repair

Roof repair can add up to big bucks if some preventative maintenance isn’t done on a regular basis. A house’s roof is one of the most important structures of all. Not only does it keep inhabitants warm, dry and cozy, it protects structural components such as wooden beams, drywall, attic and wall insulation, flooring and electrical wiring. Having leaky roofs can also lead to ruined furniture and mold. Buying new furnishings can be costly and inconvenient. If mold begins to grow, this not only is a devastating blow to the property value, it is also dangerous to the health of the inhabitants. Living in a home that is mold and mildew infested can lead to chronic bronchitis, asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies and more. Wouldn’t it be easier to maintain this structure before the devastation happens? Here are some things to think about:

Regular inspections: Every six months or more often in stormy regions, a homeowner should haul out the ladder and broom and climb up there. He or she should sweep all leaves, twigs and debris off the surface. An inspection should be done of the entire area to check for loose shingles, missing flashing or worn spots. Any small problems should be fixed immediately before they turn into large problems.

Working rain gutters and drains: The rain gutters, drains and spouts leading off the roof should be well maintained, too. Check to make sure there aren’t cracks, disconnects or clogs. If there are any problems, they must be tended to. This system is designed to keep wetness off the rooftop but will only work if it’s in good roof repair.

Choosing the right materials in the first place: Some roofing materials are better for certain climates than others. Hot regions are perfect spots for tile roofs or light colored shingles. Tile absorbs heat sufficiently and won’t break down because of the sunrays. Lighter shingles will stay cooler and won’t absorb solar energy as readily.

The sun is wonderful for many reasons, but it can beat down and wear out dark shingles more quickly than one would want. When initially roofing a structure, a homeowner has a choice between 20, 25 and 30 year shingles. Even though the 30 year variety may be a bit pricier upfront, if will last longer and won’t have to be repaired as often or as quickly.

Get several estimates: When reparation does need to happen, it’s wise to get several estimates in writing. It’s also smart to get word-of-mouth recommendations about these roofers work ahead of time. Written estimates should include materials, labor, tear off, cleanup, dumpster fees and taxes. Once a few estimates have been gathered, comparing them will lead to a decision. It’s important to not only go by lowest price, however, but by the reputation of the contractor in order to curtail repairs down the road.

Roof repair doesn’t have to break the bank. If preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis, rain gutter drainage spouts are in good shape and the right material is chosen, repairs can be kept at a minimum.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect a Roof Repair

Everyone knows that home repairs do not fix themselves, and roof repair is no exception. There are a few key reasons why this job should not be neglected.

If your “honey-do” list keeps getting longer and you are having trouble keeping up with minor repairs around your home, then it is time to prioritize. Fixing the fence, changing a tire, trimming the bushes and painting the shed are all common entries on these lists. If you need a roof repair completed, it should move to the top of that priority list, as problems will only worsen when left alone. You may feel like you are totally in over your head and if so, you will need to call for help. If you had the work done professionally, you can call the company that installed it and have them come take a look. Otherwise you can call a few friends and find a reputable Castle Rock roofing company to lend a hand. Neglecting the roof repair will only result in more work (and perhaps more expense) later. Here are a few reasons why you should get to work now and not delay.

Reason #1

Problems will only worsen with time. Sometimes problems on the roof are minor, like a missing shingle or tile. Damaged gutters are also a generally easy fix. However, neglecting these minor issues is like leaving just one bad apple in the basket. The problem is going to spread as the wind blows and the rain falls. It is far better to buckle down and repair the one or two shingles than to deal with a full-blown leak in the middle of a January thaw or a rainy spring.

Reason #2

Costs increase as problems worsen. If you are frugally minded, it is in your own best interests to complete a roof repair as soon as the problem is noticed. If the problem worsens, you are going to spend more out of pocket to have the more extensive damage finished, when you could have spent very little in the beginning.

Reason #3

Neglecting a roof repair may negate all or a portion of a warranty. If you had the work done professionally, your warranty may stipulate how soon the company needs to be called when there is a problem. If you let the problem worsen, they may deny your claim and refuse to pay for the damages. Being proactive in these types of situations is the best way to protect the validity of your warranty and make sure that your investment lasts for years to come.

As you can see, putting off a roof repair only causes more trouble and financial investment the longer that you wait. By taking the initiative to get the work done (or do it yourself) you will save yourself the headache that certainly comes with postponing the project. Besides, the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can cross it off the “honey-do” list and move on to the next thing that your loving wife has decided you need to do.

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When is A New Roof Needed?

Sometimes a roof repair just won’t fix the problem. There are times when a new roof is needed. When a leak is noticed or an area that is damaged leading to foreign items, such as animals sneaking into the home then it might be time for a new roof.

Of course homeowners want to save money. A repair is obviously less expensive than installing a new roof. A roof repair also takes less time and effort than installing a new roof. Nevertheless, it could be better to add a new roof or re-roofing to help prevent further damage. It might even be the best choice because a repair might not last very long and a new repair could be needed over and over again. Therefore the new roof installation could save money over time.

A professional roof company knows how to repair as well as install roofs. It is usually more costly to have a qualified company to do the job. They know what needs to be done to handle any roof job. A homeowner might decide to install the new roof on their own. They are willing to do the job and take the time to get the job done. This is particularly possible for individuals that have their own experience with roofing. They decide they would rather save money and do the job themselves.

Homeowners are reminded to keep in mind to inspected roof at least yearly. Sometimes weather from rain storms to heavy snow can cause damage and lead to another check. This is a way to find damage before it becomes serious enough to need to install a new roof. Working with a licensed professional roofing company for inspections, repairs or installation could save the homeowner over the years.

Signs of leaks can be seen in the attic as dark spots in the wood. Usually these happen around holes such as chimneys, vents, skylights. It is good to call in a roofer and let them assess whether the problem is old or it is a new leak. Dry spots that are hard signify an old leak but any wet or soft spot means that it is afresh leak. If you ignore a leak, the roof can sag and then all that can be done is to get a new roof, which can be a considerable expense.

When a leak or an issue with the roof is noticed homeowners investigate. They want to find a small issue could mean replacing or repairing a shingle. Often that is the situation a shingle has blown away in the wind or become damage following a storm. There are times though that the damage leads to the need for a new roof. The cause of the problem could be an issue with the original installation. If roofing is not done properly such as with the flashing it can lead to problems. When installing a new roof it is vital to do the job right from the start and so it is best to call in the specialists.

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Roof Repair: Hiring a Great Contractor

You would be hard pressed to name another form of maintenance more important to your home than roof repair. Without a proper covering, your most valuable investment is reduced to something less than a thatched hut. The problem with letting roofing problems develop and fester is that they are progressive. They can wind up creating problems that extend well into the home. Leaks, mold, and extreme structural damage can occur when water is introduced into the equation. If you have a problem up top, you need to hire a great contractor to fix it. Here are some things you need to consider when doing so.

The Past and The Present

The roof repair decisions you made yesterday can have a substantial impact on the estimates you receive from a contractor today. That is to say, poor work done a few years ago could increase the price you pay today. This is something you’ll need to prepare for when evaluating contractors. Not only do you need to understand where a high cost is coming from, it should also give you the impetus to pick the right roofers Denver Co company this time around. You don’t want to have to fix the same leak over and over again. If you find the right guys, you can fix the problem permanently.

Licensing and Insurance

If you look around, you can find contractors willing to do your roof repair for much less than the established companies. They may not have a license and they may not be covered by the proper insurance, but you can save a bundle. Resist this temptation at all costs. Hiring someone who is trying to skirt the system is bad for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that you could be doing something illegal by knowingly hiring them. Not only that, you could invalidate your current homeowner’s insurance. Make sure anyone you hire is on the level.

Reputation Is Paramount

Don’t hire a roof repair contractor based on a nice truck or fancy advertising. It’s fine to have these things, but these superficial considerations should come well behind a contractor’s reputation. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find out what that reputation says. Start with the people you know. Anyone who has owned a home for a significant amount of time has had to deal with roof repair at some point or another. Ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbors. Beyond that, use the internet. See if people have posted reviews for local contractors. You’ll feel much better about whom you decide to hire if you know others have had a positive experience.