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Preventing Costly Roof Repair

Roof repair can add up to big bucks if some preventative maintenance isn’t done on a regular basis. A house’s roof is one of the most important structures of all. Not only does it keep inhabitants warm, dry and cozy, it protects structural components such as wooden beams, drywall, attic and wall insulation, flooring and electrical wiring. Having leaky roofs can also lead to ruined furniture and mold. Buying new furnishings can be costly and inconvenient. If mold begins to grow, this not only is a devastating blow to the property value, it is also dangerous to the health of the inhabitants. Living in a home that is mold and mildew infested can lead to chronic bronchitis, asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies and more. Wouldn’t it be easier to maintain this structure before the devastation happens? Here are some things to think about:

Regular inspections: Every six months or more often in stormy regions, a homeowner should haul out the ladder and broom and climb up there. He or she should sweep all leaves, twigs and debris off the surface. An inspection should be done of the entire area to check for loose shingles, missing flashing or worn spots. Any small problems should be fixed immediately before they turn into large problems.

Working rain gutters and drains: The rain gutters, drains and spouts leading off the roof should be well maintained, too. Check to make sure there aren’t cracks, disconnects or clogs. If there are any problems, they must be tended to. This system is designed to keep wetness off the rooftop but will only work if it’s in good roof repair.

Choosing the right materials in the first place: Some roofing materials are better for certain climates than others. Hot regions are perfect spots for tile roofs or light colored shingles. Tile absorbs heat sufficiently and won’t break down because of the sunrays. Lighter shingles will stay cooler and won’t absorb solar energy as readily.

The sun is wonderful for many reasons, but it can beat down and wear out dark shingles more quickly than one would want. When initially roofing a structure, a homeowner has a choice between 20, 25 and 30 year shingles. Even though the 30 year variety may be a bit pricier upfront, if will last longer and won’t have to be repaired as often or as quickly.

Get several estimates: When reparation does need to happen, it’s wise to get several estimates in writing. It’s also smart to get word-of-mouth recommendations about these roofers work ahead of time. Written estimates should include materials, labor, tear off, cleanup, dumpster fees and taxes. Once a few estimates have been gathered, comparing them will lead to a decision. It’s important to not only go by lowest price, however, but by the reputation of the contractor in order to curtail repairs down the road.

Roof repair doesn’t have to break the bank. If preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis, rain gutter drainage spouts are in good shape and the right material is chosen, repairs can be kept at a minimum.

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